Links to Poems and Lyrics

A.A. Milne - Disobedience
Doan Pham - Crouching Dan Hidden Jue
Edgar Alan Poe - The Raven
Ernest L. Thayer - Casey at the Bat
George Darley - It is not Beauty I Demand
Joe Ridge - Bandwidth, a haiku
Joe Ridge - Communication Barrier
Joe Ridge - The Fool
Joe Ridge - ENGL243 Sonnet
Peter Kennedy - Ode to the Queen
Percy Bysshe Shelly - Ozymandias
Robert Burns - A Red, Red Rose
Robert Burns - To a Mouse
Robert Frost - The Road not Taken
Rustam Zulfugarzade - Ode to The Fearless Joe
Thomas Grey - Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Walt Whitman - O Captain! My Captain!
William Blake - The Tyger
William Shakespeare - Sonet 116
William Wordsworth - My Heart Leaps Up